Western Grain Marketing, LLC is a GROWMARK® member company, formed in 2008 by combining the grain divisions of Two Rivers FS, Inc., West Central FS, Inc. and RIVERLAND FS, Inc.  On May 29, 2008, ground was broken on a site just north of Adair, Illinois, to build a 110-car rail shuttle loader facility.  In December 2008, WGM purchased the assets of Western Illinois Grain Company, adding several additional elevator locations.

In 2017, we added four more locations to our company with the addition of the Sunrise FS grain assets.  In September of 2018, the Prairieland FS, Inc. locations at Atterberry and Oakford were also added to the company.  With the addition of all of these grain assets, Western Grain Marketing's total storage capacity is just shy of 30 million bushels.

Western Grain Marketing's rail shuttle facility has over four million bushels of storage capacity and is capable of loading more than 90 trains per year.  Located on the BNSF Railway, grain from Western Illinois will go to destinations such as Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Mexico.  One of the unique aspects of this shuttle facility is the ability to load an entire 110-car train without separating the locomotive or any of the cars.  The 7,600 ft. loop track allows the entire train to be loaded without having to shuffle cars and capable of loading an entire train in 8 hours.  The BNSF is the world's largest intermodal rail carrier and one of North America's largest railroads.  This railroad can haul enough grain to equal a year's supply of bread for 900 million people.  It also hauls enough coal to power one out of every 10 homes in the nation.