Western Grain Marketing offers payment for grain by two methods: check and ACH.  Payments may be requested at any time.  Irregardless of which method you choose, an accompanying settlement will be printed for your records.


Payment via Check

Checks can be picked up in the office or mailed.


Payment via ACH

Payments made for grain using the ACH method gives you a more direct method of receiving funds for grain.  Rather than receiving a check, the money owed to you will be deposited directly into your bank account.  To sign up for ACH, simply download and fill out the form below, attach a voided check and mail it to the Rushville office (or you can deliver it to any of our locations and they will forward it to Rushville).  Only originals with a signature will be accepted (no copies please).

Western Grain Marketing
PO Box 79
Rushville, IL  62681

Or scan and email it to:  [email protected]

ACH Authorization Form

Frequently Asked Questions